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A Personalized Amplifier Service

Austin Amplifier repairs all types of tube amplifiers and certain types of solid-state amplifiers. Please call ahead and ensure that we service/repair your specific make of amplifier. If you have specific budget concerns, please lets us know when you call. We will evaluate your situation and work with you on the best overall outcome.

If you have specific scheduling needs with your amplifier, please let us know when you call. We will inform you of our current cycle time, and in some cases, accommodate rapid return. We ask that if your schedule is not time sensitive that you let us know. We  appreciate taking time on your amp to ensure the best possible results. If you require same-day service or repair additional fees will apply.

If your amp needs service:
Please schedule a drop-off time by phone. 

When a plan has been agreed on; please bring the amplifier to Austin Musical Exchange LLC. (They are a separate business and do not support amplifier repair activities. Instead, they provide every other service working musicians need and allow Austin Amplifier to support your musical electronics.) We will pick up your amp from their location, and place your amp in our service que. When the amp gets on our bench we will clean it up, and proceed with repair, per your direction. We will rebias or balance the tubes where applicable. If we are unsure of what repair is required, we will call you. 

When service is complete, the amplifier will be moved to our burn-in and final testing stage. We will call you when it passes our outgoing tests. Labor fees and parts cost will be applied to your detailed bill to be paid at pick-up. 

If your amp needs onsite repair:
Please schedule a time on the phone. We will schedule a time to visit your location and service there. We will explain the cost of repair and provide an anticipated time-frame. You can decide to not repair your amp, but minimum fees will apply if we arrive onsite. 

If your amp needs to be recycled:
Austin Amplifier accepts unwanted working and broken amplifiers for reuse or recycling. We donate to local music charities and do our best to do the most good with what we have. If you have gear that you are done with, bring it to us. We will act in the best interest of Mother Earth and our developing musical community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Property that is left at Austin Amplifier for more than 90 days is considered forfeited and will be recycled. We do not want anymore amps, we are very limited on space and must remain focussed on active projects. Stagnant amplifiers will be dispositioned in whatever manner necessary

By Appointment Only

In order to ensure speedy turn times and quality service;

Repairs are by appointment only

Thank you for working with us!

Common Types of Service

  • Cap Job = replacing all electrolytics caps in an amp
  • Tube Replacement = replace all tubes in an amp
  • Basic Service = (usually performed in all service or repair orders) cleaning and lubricate all controls, test all tubes, clean jacks, bias output tubes

Common Types of Repair

  • Broken Jack = we use OEM parts where required and offer Switchcraft upgrades in some cases
  • Broken Controls/ Potentiometer = we use OEM parts where required, or Alpha/CTS pots
  • Power cord replacement = we use high-quality three-pronged cords
  • Transformer Replacement = we install Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Speaker Replacement = we supply Jensen and Celestion speakers

Cabinet Restoration/Replacement

  • Replace grill cloth = We provide most common types of grill cloth for replacement or upgrade
  • Replace amp covering = We supply common types of Tolex and amp coverings
  • Replace cabinet hardware = We restore your amps look with new chrome-plated hardware
  • Replace entire cabinet = We use a variety of high quality custom cabinet builders

Austin Amplifier charges an hourly repair rate of $99 per hour.

A minimum fee is 1 hour

The minimum fee includes initial diagnostic and minor cleaning