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Custom Amplifiers

Austin Amplifier hand builds each amplifier to the unique requirements of each customer. We designate the type of amplifier by its output power capabilities and name each type in honor of our beloved Austin musical venues. (example: 35 watt amp is a Vulcan, a 50 watt amp is a Continental)

Austin Amplifiers may have a variety of cabinet configurations based on customer request (such as: 1X10, 2X10, 1X12…ect), or be built as a head only.

  • All Austin Amplifiers are completely built in Austin Texas
  • All Transformers are Mercury Magnetics custom designed for our application
  • All Capacitors are the highest grade and individually tested
  • All vacuum tubes are JJ Tesla and are individually tested

***All workmanship is Guaranteed for the life of the original buyer. Parts not included.***

Austin Amplifiers
  • Armadillo 125W Dual-Channel Amplifier

    Instrument Amplifier by Custom Shop
    The Armadilloposthumously named after The Armadillo World Headquarters 5251/2 Barton Springs Road Austin, TX (circa 1970 - 1977)125W Class AB Audio AmplifierTubes:Pre-amp: 2X 12AX7…
  • Spring Reverb Unit

    Reverb Unit by Custom Shop
    Spring Reverb UnitOriginally inspired by Junior BrownExternal Reverb-Unit Tubes:2x 12AX7 - gain1x 6K6GC - reverb driverCabinet:Solid Pine, Finger-jointedReverb Tank:Full Sized…
  • The Continental 60W Dual-Channel Amplifier

    Instrument Amplifier by Custom Shop
    The Continentalnamed after  The Continental Club 1315 S Congress Avenue Austin, TX (circa 1955-present)50W Class AB Audio AmplifierTubes:Pre-amp: 4x 12AX7 - gain reverb /…
  • The Vulcan 35W Single-Channel Reverb-amp

    Instrument Amplifier by Custom Shop
    The Vulcan posthumously named after The Vulcan Gas Company 316 Congress Avenue Austin, TX (circa 1967-1970)35W Class AB Audio AmplifierTubes:Pre-amp 3-12AX7 and 1-12AT7Output …
    Select Options $3,250.00
  • The Super Lunch 15W Class A Audio Amplifier

    Instrument Amplifier by Custom Shop
    The Super Lunch15W Class A Audio AmplifierSingle Ended amp using KT-88 for the power tube and 12AX7 for the pre-amp.Thats right only two-tubes....and anyone who knows...knows what …
    Currently Unavailable $2,458.00

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Rocking Austin Amplifiers
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